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RED project status and the Process contradicting you?

Hi everyone

I wrote this post on my blog and also shared in a linkedin group. I got some mixed feedback. I am posting it here to get some feedback to evaluate if my thoughts are in synch with people's interpretation. This is a normal length blog post, so should not take that long:-) Written from a different perspective. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
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Hi Deepa,
thanks for your thoughts and comments in the related blog. From my point of view for many (if not all) it makes sense to start in RED and to earn GREEN. With this in mind, the focus is there from the beginning of the project where most of the risk is still under the surface.

Deepa, thank you for your write-up.

I see it all too often - projects are always green. Why? Maybe due to not defining KPI's and criteria for measuring a project's health. Maybe because the cause will be fixed or swept under the rug before it becomes widely known. Or maybe the audience is not quite keen enough to realize.

I see two things; the ability for the PM to accurately portray the project status, and educating senior leadership as to what the health criteria means and what is taken into consideration when measuring, A third component is trust and relationship building. When the PM builds a strong, trusting relationship with leadership and the primary stakeholders, then they are more likely to believe in the given statuses and recommendations.

Thanks Andrew and Peter for your feedback. Is there anything in the article that felt like it is blaming the PM's?

I do not perceive any blaming for the PM's reading your article. It is a very important topic you are highlighting. I believe it is important to stress courage and honesty when discussing this kind of topic. I strongly believe, we as PMs too often start projects with GREEN knowing by heart it is not, but hoping that reality turns into GREEN later. Therefore the approach to start in RED and earning GREEN might be a topic you like to consider for your article.

I've written a similar topic, and strongly support the fact, a portfolio that is overly green, could be an indicator processes are not working in a company. Projects, by their nature are creating something new, which has risk. "Green" is indicative that the team has assessed all known risks and feel they have proper mitigation and risk strategies in place. Depending on the type of project, I've had some on programs, that report yellow start to finish. What is key is to have a universal understanding of threseholds, and ensure all PMs are reporting according to the threseholds established.

The reason for identifying your project as red is to get the resources necessary to correct the situation.

Usually, in a yellow status, you are saying that you can fix it yourself.

Where it get crazy is when all those additional resources brought to bear on your red project have to be accounted against your project. This can be detrimental to your project budget.

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