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Operational activity or project

An organization has some events each year. They repeat the event for the next year. For example, holding a conference or setting up a potluck. Each year the executive people might be different but they use historical information. Can we call each event as a project or they are just operational?
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Operational work is ongoing work to support the business and systems of the organization. Each above mentioned event (say conference) will have a defferent content (scope) and needs to be individually initiated, planned and executed. Of course you use also historical information for each event (this is just best PM practise). In a nutshell the events can be called projects.

Thank you, Peter, for the clear answer. now I can ask my second question confidently.
In an academic environment, is there any recommended approach to select a project (event) between these kinds of projects? most of the project selection approaches have a financial factor embedded while in this situation there are limited financial resources and preferences of academic improvement.

It does not matter. What matters is the way the organization enhances the possibility to achieve the expected results. For example, in the case where I am working today, this type of situations are managed as projects. I can agree that we can discuss about it but I understood that it has not sense at the end except when any impact to organizational strategy implementation deserves it.

Not neccesarily that financial factor determines the project.
what i understand is "The Project" is for Internal customer.
Return of investment is
# Employee connective
# Fun at work
# raise the Team spirit
where your returns are "invisible"

Mohammad, one additional comment: The PMI Standard for Portfolio Management is a good guideline to answer your second question directed to me.

If you're an attendee at the conference, it's not a project to you, it's an event or part of your job (operational). But if you coordinated the event, it would be a project to you since it's temporary and unique, and you would plan, execute (probably not control) and then close it out.

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