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Change Is Inevitable: here are my top 10 picks from Who Moved My Cheese? What are yours?
I am sure many of you must have read this book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Dr Spencer Johnson. I just read it and found it very motivational. It has some great tips that apply on organizational change, agility and being proactive for change. Here I am sharing my top 10 picks, although some of these might not be relevant to project management but mostly relate in one way or another.

10. If you are ambitious then you will achieve your goals one day. But if you are ambitious as well as a team-player, then you will achieve your goals sooner & faster.

9. Change does not necessarily mean replacing something completely; sometimes even small tweaks to your thought process can bring the required effect.

8. When you are having your sweet time, take few moments to prepare for hard times as well.

7. The universe and everything within it is mortal, so don’t develop a feeling of owning anything forever; & share a pie of your success with others (less-privileged) too.

6. Anticipate & embrace change early, because it makes the transformation easier & beneficial.

5. Once you start your journey to achieve a goal, even if you fail initially, you will find enough motivation that keeps you going till you succeed.

4. If you think you are the only wise person and rest are of no use, soon your thoughts would change, but after learning a hard lesson.

3. No success is possible without self-motivation, no matter how hard others push you.

2. A flawed, little planning with some concrete effort is better than a fool-proof plan with no-action.

1. Change is inevitable in life, so embrace change and let things go of, because only then you will get new ones.

So what are your take aways from "Who Moved My Cheese" and why? How do those apply to project management or agility?
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Some pseudo gurus have made a lot of money but have jeopardized the work and life of lot of people, mainly that works inside the organizations (beyond I have a trained years ago with the author of this book). My recommendation is go to the basement. Sir Isaac Newton explained all related to change more than 200 years ago.
Sergios comment with reference to the three laws of motion really hits the key point. You can "translate" it to business envrionments and well explains the change momentum. Amother reason for change is from my point of view that we as human being are not able to understand and interpret the full complexity in a project, because our brain filters information. So, being prepared for change is inevitable independent from whatever PM methods/ practises we are talking about.
Just to comment, I wrote an article about that for the PMI but it is in Spanish. Here the link. Perhaps it helps. I will try to translate it into English.

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