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Project Management System - Incentive Plan

I would appreciate if you can help me with a benchmark or a best practice for an Incentive Plan in an organization in which we are implementing a new Project Management System. Our goal is to encourage the Project Managers to use the system for managing projects and emphasize reliable reporting.
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Believe me, I have in the same situation lots of times including today. And after working with people from more than 65 differents countries and cultures distributed around the world leading the implementation and use of this type of tools incentive will not make any difference. The only way is to demostrate to everyone that they will be more rich (where rich does not means more money only) by using it than without using it. So, you have to discover "the pain" that the use of this type of tools is addressing and you have to work on it.

I agree with Sergio. You can have the "best of the world" incentive plan, but it will not work unless people really have a meaningful sense and understanding WHY they are assigned to the project, what their contribution and personal enrichment (in the sense of experience) will be. All starts from the three key topics:
- what is the meaningful sense to me (WHY I am in this project?)
- what is my role and what is expected from me? (role)
- Is all this in line with my personal values
Once this is in place, an incentive plan can support it. The emphasis is on support, not drive.

Create a group of early adopters in your organization, and through their success with the Project Management System you can demonstrate to others in your organization that the system will benefit them as well.

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