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Usefulness of RACI Matrix

RACI Matrix is used to define the role of all stakeholders concerned in the project more specifically. Usefulness of such a matrix differs from project to project. Any industry wise data available to assess & quantify the benefits?
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I haven't seen such data on that, but even if there was, the usefulness of the RACI would still be a project specific assessment.

I cannot comment on industry-specific available data, but what I can say is (in line with Santes comments), RACI matrix (or the definition or roles and Responsibilities with clear assignments maybe in another form) is essential for each project. I am also used in my project that RACI is part of the contract (many customers require this already during the RfP process.

Beyond the great comments above, please let me say: each deliverable in a project could be usefulness because it will depends on your project itself. But if you ask me about what deliverable I am willing to let go or what deliverables I ever, ever include into a project RACI Matrix (or whatever you named it because remember, as Peter mentioned above, the deliverable is "something" to show definition of responsabilities) is one of them. For me, there must not be a project without RACI. Why? Is the only way to communicate to all the stakehodlers which is their role into the project. About market, you will find into the internet some providers of RACI matrix by niche that you can buy.

Agreed. There may be no measurable, quantifiable data around the specific benefits of the RACI, however, it is an important deliverable in any project, clearly defining roles and responsibilities.

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