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What percentage of the 47 processes do you use on your projects?

Looking for answers from people with experience.
How many processes do you use of the 47 for your projects? What's the most you've ever used on any 1 project?
Which processes have you used the least? the most?
Why don't you use some processes and why do you almost always use other processes?
Any processes that you see as becoming outdated?
Any processes that you think agile tends to eradicate?
Thank you for helping my PM growth!
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Good questions Michael but It is somehow difficult to establish how many because they all work together within a project (At least this is my point view) so I basically use all but some more than others.

It varies by project, as not all processes apply. However, I don't have a checklist with all the processes, either. We do have a checklist, but it reflects the minimum expected on all projects.

As far as any processes becoming outdated or eradicated by agile, I think its more a matter of the steps being done differently, in some cases. For example, consider the processes in the Scope Management knowledge area under the Planning process group. Plan Scope Management, Collect Requirements, and Define Scope are done in any type of project, but may not happen the same way when comparing predictive and iterative projects. The fourth process (Define WBS), however, might be replaced, in Agile, with something like Create Product Backlog, if I were to hazard a guess.

Agree with above comments that the emphasis/ usage of certain processes depends on the project type, the kind of project business etc. You cannot derive the importance of certain processes for a specific project just on statistics. It is up to the PM and team where to put high focus and where to put less.
Related to Agility. Agility is a working approach and mindset-topic how to teams get work done and delivered. The PMBOK processes are still valid and remain - it is about how you work the processes.

Just by preparing a Project Management Plan , I have realized that I am doing 24 of the Planning processes already. I may not go into a great depth of detail about all of the Management Plans but I do touch on every single one of them.
The Stakeholder Register also features in my plans and so do elements of the Project Charter in terms of the Business Case. so 26 of the processes are already covered. My Monthly Steering committee or board reports contain risks and issues , Cost forecasts and actuals, Performance of Vendors etc and therefore I find myself using the Monitoring and controlling processes as well.

It's really about the Tailoring of the processes to suit your project. Not all projects build a Bridge and therefore you don't really have to fight war and peace with all 47 processes in PMBOK in the detail that is mentioned in the 550 plus pages of that very good book

I basis really comes from deciding if I need generate ideas or narrow in on solutions. The T&T are suggested methodologies, i use them...but more so T&T borrowed from creativity.

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