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OptImIsing human behaviour and team work
The CSIR's team of behavioural scientists are also dedicated project managers that relies on processes and methodologies that have a solid foundation in applied project management. Methodologies are linked to empirical research within specialised fields of (amongst many), the safety and security environment.
Project management combined with scientific research on human behaviour, generates knowledge and insight on how individual soldiers and groups of soldiers can function most effectively.

Research projects focused on what motivates people within specific groups and deploying informed, testable interventions on the ground, is central to managing modern conflict.

Project management is a critical and inseperable discipline within the behavioural science field as it guides focused project planning and execution and ensures effective time and customer management as well as delivery of project objectives in a clear logical way.
Hello Adelai,

I found many of the concepts and principles in project management in the field of Implementation Science. An advantage of using many if the IS theories, methods and frameworks is they are built for research and in some ways better at handling the multilevel contextual factors, the unpredictability of human behavior of research subjects, and the social and power dynamics of the researcher vs researched roles. When project management is integrated--as whole or in part--with other implementatiom strategies and research methodologies, you have that powerful formula for success you describe in your post.

Thank you for introducing this topic.

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