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Easiest Method to expediently and effectively institute new standards?

Our division of about 150 has recently gone through a reorganization and my office is responsible for instituting a number of portfolio project management standards to align our efforts.

I'm concerned if I introduce a portfolio project management standard too robust initially:
*It will be far more difficult to receive support from key participants because it's so much to parse
*It will be more difficult to facilitate the training and implementation of the new standard,
*There could be a number of unforeseen issues requiring significant updates.

Has anyone ever instituted new portfolio project management standards incrementally similar to agile system development methodology? For instance if you're trying to institute expectations for all project managers managing reporting on their schedules, managing risks, etc.

Have you found it easier to implement with improved buy-in from key participants? Do you have any advice or references so I can learn more about expedient methods to institute new portfolio project management standards?

Thanks everyone!
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Which is a standard? Why a standard must be used? Getting answers for these questions is the begining. On the other side, each time you need "to sell" something take into account this: "buyers" must feel that they will be more rich with that thing than without that thing. And rick does not mean more money only.

Maybe designing a process for the hierarchy is what you are looking for? If Portfolio management is needed per the style of portfolios then the division will add value and you would get the buy in, otherwise, the value is questioned.

By Implementing standards, one can assume either the ones in place were not delivering the benefits expected, or there was none in place? This will be critical to the approach taken with new standards. HOw mature is the organizatin? Are there key resistors? Many areas need to be considered, in the approach. Rushing to implementing any standard, can be risky, if not properly planned, based on the specific orgnaizational assessment.

The easiest is to demonstrate using a pilot and slowly incorporate others in the progressive elaboration or improvements of the new standard or process. The pilot doesn't have to be perfect. Try to include your most difficult people in this small pilot. Working with them early on helps define the standards/policies/measures the way they want and will cause you less angst later. Actively coach the pilot team to ensure they understand along the way and help the team get over the bumps caused by individual agendas.

I appreciate everyone's input.

There's currently no standards in place. Our senior leadership has described what they want in place and now I just need to determine the easiest way to implement it. I think a small pilot to progressively elaborate upon the project should be easy enough. Thanks everyone!

It sounds as if your leadership has provided you some general guidance or objectives. I recommend putting together a road-map that outlines your initial implementation and the additional phases needed to achieve the objective. Ensure each phase is grounded in a specific deliverable or metric you are trying to achieve, such as project management processes, organizational process assets, organizational structures, etc. Try researching information on the Project Management Process Maturity Model (PM^2) which provides a framework to assess your organization's project management maturity. Best of Luck!

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