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How do you ensure that your projects end profitably?

What steps or methods or tricks does everyone here like to use to help ensure their projects aren't always losing money?
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Projects are not profitably. Project never loosing money. The big mistake is trying to get profit from projects. Organizations will get profit from the product/service/result that the project will create. When you talk about projects organizations have to talk about costs.

Like Sergio mentioned, projects are executed to produce a service/result that is estimated to produce profits. There are other type of projects that don't produce one, but optimize such services to cash profits across the company/department. In the later, the time to market comes as the most important factor and are completely schedule driven optimization models that have estimated profits by week/month/length of the project. In these projects we are constantly striving to achieve committed dates.

I agree with Sergio and Deepa.

This is more a ROI or Cost Variance/CPI oriented topic than a profitability topic.

Easy answer! As the business owner/stakeholder I would ensure that the work is decomposed into valuable pieces and the highest value item done first. Value is determined by the business owner spending the money on the project. This assures that they get the greatest return on investment by implementing the most valuable item first which gives more time to earn value.

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