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How would a project manager handle it if a client insisted on a last-minute change to a relocation project and it would set them back a month and impact the cost?

how do you handle scope changes from a SaaS and Agile perspective?
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Hi Neil: I have experienced this in the past. At my previous company, my Senior PM was so set on pleasing the customer that we honored her request to make a last-minute change to a relocation project; even very late in the project. The schedule shifted to the right by 60 days which delayed a few other projects in our backlog, but we managed for this change and stayed on a steady pace. Now when I look back, it seems that my Senior PM was an Agile type Project Manager.

You would let the client know the impact to the schedule and cost, as it sounds like you already did. If the client accepts the impacts, then there's no problem.

Refer to Integrated Change Management in all cases of Change Requests. Follow the process.

Hi Neil,

That's a good question. Here are a few thoughts...

Determine any other associated impacts (i.e. dependencies, staff morale, suppliers, etc)

Inform the client and key decision makers for the project, i.e. the Funder, Owner, Board, etc...

Determine the priority of the change, from both the client's point of view and the other key decision makers. The priority should be in relation to all other items in scope.

Run it through a change management process.

Ultimately, if it is something agreed to by the Client and Decision Makers, then it sounds like the change would be accepted.

The important thing is that the leaders are provided with the relevant information that helps them make optimal decisions.

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