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Exercice to identify dependencies between multiple projects in an organization

Looking for idea of a structured exercice to identify/highlight dependencies between multiple projects in an organization?

Thinking of post-it with different colors for projects and putting phases/milestones, and some other arrow stickers to visualise the dependencies.

Not looking for software at the moment, but a way to map these dependencies in an exercice.

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Try something along these lines...

- Build a least of all application owners
- Require a request submission prior to work beginning on a new initiative
- Request includes questions that will succinctly describe the goal
- Submission spawns email notification to group
- Each member required to review and sign-off - noting whether their group is impacted.

This provides wide visibility and a record of review/sign-off. Best if the process is within a system of record.

First of all you need to identify the item that will determine because projects are related. With this on hand using post-it is the tools that give me the best results.

3M to the rescue.

Unless you are integrating cross-project dependencies, I have found the use of external milestones sufficient to the task. I colour the external milestones so I can quickly identify them and keep on my list to verify.

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