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What kind of resource tracking tools is everyone using?
Pros/Cons of each. My team is starting to research different options and I'd like to get feedback on tools other Project Managers suggest, or advise to steer clear of. We have a smaller team of engineers to manage, and are currently managing schedules through Microsoft Outlook, which you could imagine isn't ideal. I've used OpenAir previously, which had it's benefits and downfalls. Any/all feedback is appreciated!
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You can use the following techniques;
1. Performance reviews;Measures, analyses and compares schedule performance based on data such as actual start and finish dates, percent complete, and remaining duration of work.
Use Trend analysis, Critical path method, Critical chain method and Earned value measurement to measure your performance reviews.
2. Project Management Software; use Microsoft Project, Primavera etc to Track planned vs. actual dates, Report variances from the schedule baseline and Forecast the effect of changes on the schedule model
3. Resource optimisation techniques for Resource levelling and Resource smoothing
4. Modelling techniques for What-if scenario analysis and Simulation
5. Leads and lags to bring project activities that are behind into alignment with the plan.
6. Schedule compression to bring project activities that are behind into alignment with the plan. Apply Crashing and fast tracking techniques
7. Scheduling tool
Thanks Amantle! This certainly helps. I was looking for more, experience with specific tools. I've used both Project Server and OpenAir, both of which allow you to see resource schedules and utilization, but was wondering what tools other people use and have success with or don't like at all. Tools such as PlainView and Projectmanagementsoft.
Cara -

Before implementing resource management tooling, ensure the underlying behaviors and processes for resource managers, project managers and team members are in place otherwise you'll get automated garbage in-garbage out.

We use TeamHeadquarters from Entry as our EPPM tool.

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