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Why do we call it IT strategy? It should be Business Strategy, right?

For too long, IT has tried to get the business to do new things... Instead, IT needs to strategize with the business, understanding the emerging business trends, their needs for new processes, new technology. If you want to be a successful strategist, Help the business succeed. Can IT become the strategic partner the business leaders need?
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It should be a partnership in achieving a joint goal.

I would consider IT Strategy a subset of Business Strategy. First identify the Business Strategy, and then work out the IT Strategy to achieve the business objective.

Most enterprise architecture frameworks have business at the top and technology at the bottom. This points to two things:

1) technology is only valuable as a foundation for business
2) business can only go so far without the correct technology

As you can see, it poses a connundrum for us. Business strategies should drive technology strategies. On the other hand, technology strategies can enable new business strategies.

Business Strategy drives IT Strategy. When you consider the digital transformation of a company, the IT achitecture and strategy (Cloud, Security, User Experience, Robotics etc.) is a key buildung block as stated above.

Business should drive the IT Strategy, yet, new possibilities that come with continuos IT innovations (Cloud, AI, Machine Learning, IoT) should keep the Business alert and adjust its IT Strategy to be prepared to embrace these technologies and integrate in its processes.

Seems like everybody is in agreement that business strategy should drive IT strategy but you raise a very valid and good question, John. Indeed it should be Business Strategy that we should be looking at as IT strategy only enables business strategy. But this is not always the reality. I am currently working on a project where there was NO business involvement until 6 months in. Only then did business slowly become involved. Up to that point, everything was driven by IT and the IT strategy. Very dangerous since we find things out now that will result in significant waste.

"We don't have technology projects in our company, we only have business projects that have a technology component."

That is the guidance of a global CFO to his company.

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