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What are the top risks that you've run into numerous times on multiple projects? Risk response?

PM veterans, what would you say are the top risks that you've encountered throughout your PM career?
I'd like answers to be both, overarching/hammock themes as well as any detailed examples you might have to offer.

Also, what are some of your top risk strategies for your risk response?
Thank you!
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The risks that come to mind for me, that happen in almost all my projects are:
1) Incomplete requirements
2) Funding pressures
3) Changing scope (See #1)
4) Geographically diverse work teams.

1) incomplete requirements and scope creep
2) (overly optimistic) fixing of due dates and budget for the project approval and never cross-checking the assumptions after the actual planning phase
3) all types of Murphy's law...

the risks witch faced me in multiple projects
1- Slow contractor in the execution of business
2- short time to execute the work
3- the security situation
4- no plan work limited
5- instability in the work

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