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Risk matrix which one do you use? Why?

Which risk matrix do you use and why? There are several templates, fields to register and track risks. Does it change accordingly to the phase, situation you are in? size of the project, stakeholders
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We use our OPA library template which is a simple Excel risk register. Any tailoring of the template would be done as part of the planning phase. Once started, you want to minimize changes to prevent historical disconnects.

I used different matrix and tailored different templates depending on the organization that I worked.

Hello Tiago: Our PMO provides us with a simple Excel template. I use this document in every phase and project no matter the size. It seems to work well.

It depends on the organisation/enterprise; the risk framework, methodology and templates that are provided. Consistency across the organisation is important as it provides the management with a consistent approach to risk evaluation and contingency/management reserve budgeting.

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