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Is there any tool to manage dependencies across various projects/programs ?

I am looking for a tool which can manage and track dependencies across various projects/programs. Any help will be appreciated.
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My suggested options:
(1) Programme Dependency Log - a give-get matrix, likely in a spreadsheet tool. Pros: Thorogh, simple; Cons: lacks visual element, manually have to update schedules which may fall out of sync
(2) Programme High Level Time Line - perhaps called Programme Critical Network or Blueprint, and likely in a visual tool like Visio or PowerPoint. It visually show a high level view of the timeline with chronological lines for each Project, and arrows between them for major dependencies. Pros: Simple, Visual; Cons: can get cluttered with more than a few items
(3) Integrated Programme Schedule - All schedules fully integrated in a scheduling tool. Pros: combines both approaches above, auto-updates schedules to ensure currency; Cons: Massive undertaking and requires widespread scheduling expertise and standards across the organisation, can still be difficult to get s simplestarategic timeline view

Are there any new tools anyone knows of? I am interested in the ability to graphical representation of the dependencies across enterprise programmes in a span of years. Ideally - easily maintainable, not a powerpoint manual charting...Thank you!
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