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Why are there no bookmarks in PMBOK6 and Agile PG?
Once again, PMI has created a massive document with horrible navigation. And to make it worse, they combined 2 large documents into one, rather than allowing us to download them as separate documents.

We now have nearly 1000 pages of documentation with NO BOOKMARKS and the page numbering doesn't match due to the cover pages, table of contents, etc., which cause PDF readers to have a raw page numbering that doesn't correspond to the "printed" page numbering.

Add to that the fact that the security settings on the document are such that we can't even fix the problem ourselves if we know how.

I wonder how long it will take to get the second printing and whether it will be used to fix these problems. I can't imagine trying to teach anyone for the PMP and CAPM exams from a book with such useless structure. And I have only just started to glance at the actual content!
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I fully agree Shannon.

Navigating in that huge document is really difficult

Hopefully, PMI will split PMBoK from Agile PG and insert some bookmarks in both documents...
We've had discussions on this site regarding the lack of highlighting.

Apparently, PMI has not picked up on this concern. They deliberately lock down those features as I tried with various PDF readers.
Here the same. First thing I recognized were the missing bookmarks. It makes it really difficult to navigate in this huge file.
Without bookmark & highlighting feature.... making the reading/review of PMBOK tough & uncomfortable task. Request PMI to kinldy consider this at least in next version. Thanks.
I use a poor person's "bookmark" through shortcuts. Make a shortcut of the PDF file in an appropriate location. Then name the shortcut using both a memory jogger and the PDF page number (not the same as the PMBOK Guide page number). For example, if I want to go back to the last place I read, I might name the shortcut "Common Agile Practices - p821" (avoid periods in your file names).

When I double-click on the shortcut, I know to put 821 in the page number box, below the tab label.
It appears to be for information protection, in that they have turned off pdf features that make documents more useful to prevent people distributing their password protected proprietary information. You can't even copy anything, to paste it into a discussion on PMI.

One of the pitfalls of data protection, is that it may be so well protected that it becomes somewhat unusable.

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