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PMI-PBA or Masters Degree in Project Management

I already have a PMP , and now am looking to go further , i have a choice of going on a masters degree in Project Management, and on the other hand am realy intrested in PMI-PBA , any advice please ?
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You should evaluate this based on:

1- Which one would add to my knowledge significantly.
2- Which one will give me a career boost.

If it was me, I will definitely pursue the PMI-PBA

I am always surprised with questions like this.

You are comparing a full academic master degree that will typically require close to 16 courses over 18 months, if not more --- with a professional certification that you can possibly self-study for and achieve in a few weeks.

From my perspective - as a manager - with all else being equal - I will take the masters degree over the PBA, ACP, and PMP all combined. What I am saying - for me the masters degree (of course from a reputable university and not a shop) is than PMP + PBA + ACP.

Of course this is one opinion

What I shared above is from my perspective as a manager that might be hiring.

On the other hands, I cannot speak for you or advise you - since i do not know your career aspirations.

I'm with Mounir on this one: there is no comparison between the two. MBA is an order of magnitude better than any certfication.

thank you very much

Great question - I was just trying to find some info on MCPM and stumbled across this.

Zaid -

this is an apples-to-oranges comparison as Mounir has indicated.

Pursuing a graduate, doctoral or post-doctoral degree is a strategic calling more than a tactic.

Bring the decision back to what your objective is - if it is to tactically improve your marketability, then experience + a focused, appropriate certification might be a better bet.

Very few employers are asking for advanced degrees in PM so unless you have a passion for a particular aspect of PM or are interested in pursuing a career in research & academia, I don't know that this will be of as much near term value.


As PMP, you definitely should to PMI-PBA.

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