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Want to learn how to remember wealth of information, which is now a standard way of life?

Your profession demands that you remember a wealth of knowledge including client information, market data, presentation…and most importantly names. How do you do it?
A simple slip of the mind can result in thousands of dollars in lost sales or credibility. Fortunately there is a solution and Matthew Goerke Will teach you how.
Matthew Goerke is regarded as one of America’s leading experts in the field of Memory Development.

Memory Switch
Three Hour Workshop
at DeVry - N Brunswick, NJ

Friday - 22 Sep 2017

Earn 3 PDUs

Registration and Continental Breakfast: 8:00am
Workshop Start: 9:00 am
Workshop End: 12:00 pm

More information on workshop:
PMINJ Member $75
PMINJ Non-Member $100
By becoming a PMINJ member ($20 per year) you can save $5 on the registration fee.

I'll be in Victoria, BC, for an all-week workshop, Igor. Any chance that Mr. Goerke has his method down in a published book? (Couldn't find any on Amazon or Kobo.)

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