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Lean Six Sigma

Hi, i am a civil engineer with the focus on project management. I am PMP certified by PMI and I want to go further. What is the best next step to do to strengthen my management skills. What about lean six sigma?
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Michail -

It really depends on your career objectives. Lean Six Sigma training AND experience is a good complement to project management competency, but you need to be working in a company which has committed to that quality framework otherwise you'll just have gained academic knowledge.

If you wish to pursue LSS, you'll want to get a few improvement projects under your belt to really claim the benefits of having learned it.

Have you done a comprehensive assessment of your soft skills? For most PMs, that's a very good area to focus on which is applicable to all industries.

Alternately, you might wish to develop greater business acumen - would some focused education on strategy, marketing, or other aspects of management theory be suitable?


Thank you, Kiron for the advices.

If your goal is really to improve your management skills, I would consider a MBA..

Thank you, Stéphane I will strongly consider it.

Hi Michail

I have pursued EMBA, PMP, RMP & now I'm preparing for LSS.

It is much related to process improvement & operational excellence.
Also, it is based on data analysis & statistics.

Depends on your career goal...Project management and LSS could be two different directions...LSS is more on improvement and quality etc. If you wish to continue in project management should pursue MBA or next step would be program and portfolio management. But that really comes with some years of experience in each of these stagewise...

Thank for the advises Adnan & Priteshkumar, are very helpful.

As everybody already mentioned it depends on your career goal.
So LSS may or may not be the right choice.
I have a SS Black Belt and consider it very helpful in my career. Not just the Methodology but also the way it helps you see and face the problems.
Taking an MBA is not a likely path for my carrer. I probably would go to PRINCE2 or Program/portefolio Management

LSS, like Agile, and others are good add-ons to the PMI certificate IF you will be involved in projects that value and can benefit from that set of methods and tools. it does give you an enhanced perspective on how to do successful projects. A caveat though: If you are not going to gravitate toward projects where those skills will be useful, then you will quickly lose some of the effectiveness of taking the training.

Pursue training on the edge of your current PMI capability and use it in projects, then look toward a further edge that will increase your skills.

Thank you all for the interesting and analytical pieces of advice that you gave to me.
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