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Do you have to be an R.E.P in order to train students in preparation of the PMP Exam?

Or is R.E.P has no impact to the students who enrol themselves with a corporate training organizations that offers 35 contact hours of PM training?
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Nehru -

A training company being part of the REP is like someone who holds the PMP. By itself you can't judge the quality of performance. There are good training providers who have elected not to be part of the REP.

As far as your PMP application goes, there's no requirement that the contact hours have to come from a REP.


Kiron is right.

Of course, those who do choose to be an R.E.P. have to go through a rigorous process to meet PMI's R.E.P. requirements.

I would have a hard time selecting a PMP preparation provider that chose not to be an R.E.P. I would wonder why? If they couldn't make a go at it with PMI, how can I believe they can help me achieve one of PMI's certification?

Anyone can issue a certificate for 35 contact hours training. The certificate can issued by a consultant (individual) or a training company. A company, even if it is a non-REP (Registered Education Provider), can issue a 35 contact hours certificate. The only drawback, for a PMP aspirant, is that the REP issued certificates are pre-approved. Certificates from consultants and on-REPs are approved at the time of PMP application approval. I have also issued many certificates as an individual consultant, which were eventually used to pass the PMP exam. 1. Eligibility Criteria for the PMP Exam 2. Pros & cons of different modes of training 3. Study approach to pass the exam in first attempt 4. Suggested PMP exam preparation schedule 5. Recommended study material for the exam prep Good luck.

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