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Fear of losing skills

Hello everyone. Times are tough and market is squeezing now adays. And it is possible that professionals have to pick up jobs which doesn't match the skills of an individual. During these times, how can a management professional polish and develop his skills if his current job is not related with management. ? I am facing this crisis and I believe a talent not used is a talent lost. Any help?
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Everything can become a project in its own way. Applying the best practices of Project Management can help you stay fresh.

Volunteer work well selected can help in showing your talent, skills and knowledge to the right audience.

Sep 19, 2017 7:07 PM
Replying to Deepa Kalangi
Hi Mirza
Yes, you are right, its always useful and recommended to keep honing your skills so you are upto date. Inorder to do the same, you first acquire skills from your current job, if not, you can volunteer for PMI activities, events, chapters etc. Read related blog posts. Listen to podcasts, read books, mentor others on the same. They are all very useful to keep yourself up to date.
I am agreed with Deepa Kalangi, volunteer works for PMI events & activities will support you

Lots of courses out there. And in your organisation are there any special collaborations or communities!!

Try freelance.

From my point of view ,best way to keep your skills sharps is interact with other people who have more experience in field and have in and out of knowledge and may be you volunteer.
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