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Certification from PMI "PMI-PBA" Vs Scrum "PO (Product Owner)"
I am professional working in IT industry, having certifications from PMI "PMP" and Scrum Alliance "CSM". My role is kind of PM-BA hence seeking BA related certification also.

I would like feedback from the community, about which certification will benefit me most PMI-PBA or PO?
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Both ;)

I think PO (at least PSPO) focus more strict on Scrum specially on the Scrum guide while BA more on the tools and techniques you need. They are - User Stories f.e. - not defined in the Scrum Guide and not part of PSPO.
Both are totally different. PMI-PBA is related to business analysis and business analysis is a totally different discipline than something related to using an agile based method like Scrum. About what certification will benefit it depends on future market demands. At least in my case is what I use to decide.
the product owner is contact point between the business or management from the customer/buyer side and the contractor/seller side. but BA is working on different role starts from the business problem or opportunity till finalizing the proposed solution and operating it to ensure that the business expected value is achieved
---- in some cases the BA working during the project as a product owner at the same time.
the two role are total different
Both are really different - For someone in your role, I highly recommend either PMI-PBA or CBAP. Good Luck !

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