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What tools, techniques and elements do you use for the happy project team during projects?

I use asking people about their family, getting to know people: hobbies, tastes. I also use to consider their opinions.
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I'm using the similar concept

Juan Gabriel -

- Recognition
- Treat them like professionals
- Help them connect their personal hopes & dreams to the project vision
- Remove roadblocks from their path
- Say Good Morning and Thank You


- Respond with a smile.
- Appreciate for the good work or help
- Help in need and always.
- Give them both moral and physical support.
- Treat equally.

It's really simple.

- Show respect to earn respect.
- Don't use your title to flex your muscles.
- Listen listen listen.
- Offer to help.

At the kickoff meeting, I ask each person to reveal something nobody in the team knows about them.

Try to get personal with the team members. Ask them about their career goals, ask them about their personal life problems, if they want to share.

Project team members are project stakeholders then you need to perform project stakeholder management with them. In my personal experience sometimes it is more easy than with others because you know about some of them more data than about others. In my case to do that I always take into consideration that reality is what each person perceived to do my stakeholder process and I use the Maslow Pyramid as a tool. It is funny because our project teams are composed for people that leaves around the world and 80% of them never met face-to-face.

What has always worked for me is:
-Being transparent
-Being honest
-Being humble and respectful
-Appreciate teams hard work
-Listen actively to their issues, even personal
-Help them achieve, what inspires them

Communicate regularly and listen. Allow time for social conversation to build an open culture.

In today's world, the team members are selected after thorough assessment of professional and aptitude skills. What matters the most in binding a good team, is to constantly feed them with challenging assignments to quench their want/need to prove their mettle.
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