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Which Management Certification will be demanded in Future Job Market?
Hello Everyone,

In your opinion which management certifications are going to be in high demand in future especially for Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Industry?

Including the certifications which are not provided by PMI also, like FIDIC, SCRUM MASTER, PRINCE2 and so on.

Your comments will be highly appreciated.
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You are searching for the holy grial. First, you are talking about market. The first thing to answer is: what is your market?. Second, is not a matter of future market demands (while it is a point to be consider). Is about your vision about your personal brand creation. People will buy it.
holy grail, maybe! LOL

I believe I couldn't explained my intent well.

"What is your market?" I mean to say industry; Its Petrochemical, Oil & Gas.

In simple, I just need your advises regarding what is best to do after PMP?

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