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How do I build a portfolio for pmp certification
Hello and thank you for reading. I am currently employed by the federal government specifically by the judicial branch. I have been here for 7 years and change now and am planning an exit within the next 18 months +/-. I have many years of project management both here at the courts and in the private sector from which I came. There have been many projects here at the court where I work and many still to come before I depart. I am seeking advice on how to properly build and format a portfolio so I can use that for the hour's requirement for the PMP certification. I am stumped on how to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Preston Sanborn
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Preston -

I'd suggest Googling for "PMP Application Assistant" and download the Excel workbook which you should be directed to.

The authors have created a very convenient way to record and consolidate the key info required for your PMP application and the workbook has some smarts like figuring out the number of non-overlapping months of experience and the oldest date which you can use for experience purposes. It also provides a list of activity descriptions which you can use when entering your project summaries.

Have you started an online application for the PMP? This is the best way to see what they are looking for.

When you are describing your experience, use short bullet points. A coworker that was just approved to take the exam wrote long sentences. He was audited and rejected, twice. The second time, when he asked why, they replied that they reviewed it again and he was now approved to schedule the exam.
Hi Preston,

You already got some great advice. Like Kiron said, go and get one of those Spreadsheets to assist your documentation and then just start off.

Two things:
1. You can pick projects within the last eight years, so pretty much all projects you have worked on, BUT you should start with the biggest ones and see how far it takes you. The projects do not need to be in sequence.
Cause if you do pick many little projects, you will have to document a lot!

2. While describing your participation in the projects, you should use the vocabulary out of the PMP Exam Content Outline. That will help the reviewing PMI stuff to understand what you are talking about.

You may consider joining our free "Project Managers PMP Exam prep guidance" program where you can find a detailed description on how to document your experience hours and how to fill PMP Exam application; you may have a look here:

FREE! - PMP Exam Prep Guidance Program



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