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How do you deal with conflicts?

Conflict is a common issue at workplace. Do you have necessary skills to deal with the most basic conflicts at work? What do you think are the best techniques to deal with conflicts at any time?
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Agree with several of the comments here...listening is the start to any conflict resolution. Since as the PM you tend to be the arbiter of conflict, it's important to make sure the two parties are communicating.

Often the conflict stems from simply not actually being able to communicate. Remember that talking isn't the same as communicating. I frequently experience employees that are genuinely trying to get to the same end state but cant seem to communicate what their needs are.

There are many techniques to manage conflicts:
1. Withdraw - Avoid
2. Smooth - Accomodate
3. Compromise
4. Force - Direct
5. Collaborate - Problem Solve

1. Empathy first! Try to understand the reasons behind the conflict. Often conflicts can occur due to differing personalities that may not be the preferred combination for a team. Logical thinkers perceive and approach situations differently from emotional individuals.

2. Creating a sense of trust with the involved parties will be essential. If one party involved does not trust that they are being heard then all other actions will be futile.

3. Help to build a common understanding of the different thinking of each involved for a shared trust among all. No one wants to be the problem, but if they feel like the victim, the stance to resolution will be hostile.
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