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How do you deal with conflicts?
Conflict is a common issue at workplace. Do you have necessary skills to deal with the most basic conflicts at work? What do you think are the best techniques to deal with conflicts at any time?
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Conflict is common and not always bad.
Understand the root of the conflict.
Don't react when something is not going your way.
Sit back and think about the situation from the other person's perspective.
Engage and set ground rules. If you have mutual respect for one another this will be manageable.
If it is a personality clash, having open communication can help, but doesn't always solve it. Try to understand the root of the conflict, not just the symptoms (the conflict).
Sometimes it's a performance issue and that needs to be addressed promptly before it becomes an issue.

Hope this is helpful. It's pretty generic as every situation is specific to the people, circumstance and point in time.
Remember, conflict causes change. Just as we have organizational change management, we also need to deal with individual change management. Approach the latter as you would the former.
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