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You have a team member who is not meeting his commitments, what do you do?

What techniques I could use after I discover that one of my team members keep agreeing on time lines, but he does not communicate he will not meet those dates until the 11th hour (I mean just before the day)?
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You can use the 5 Whys model to perform detective work to get to the root cause. If he is frequently confirming the timeline and suddenly a day or so later, says that it will not happen, you want to probe to ask why. What changed since two days ago? Why did you not know two days ago? How can you make sure next time you will know farther in advance? What are the options to get back on track to still meet the deadline? What lessons did you learn the last time this happened and what changes did you make this time to make sure it wouldn't happen again?

Some people to be micro managed. You can have a quick 10-15 minute with your team daily to check on where they are and what have they accomplished.

Project team members are people with lives and problems faced by every other person. They can have financial issues, health problems, domestic problems, grievances and problems related to work. Having a one-on-one counselling session while ensuring that whatever he/she shares will remain confidential and by showing a genuine compassion that you will do whatever is in your capacity to work things out for him/her will generally reveal the root cause of the problem. There maybe things on which the project manager/ project leader might not have control or influence on but it can be a huge relief for the team member if he/she has spoken out the reasons for not delivering on time.

Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions on this topic!

This is easily solved with daily meetings, they can even be unscheduled if you like. Just stop by the desk and ask to see the work done so far. Every day. You will either uncover the underlying cause of him not working or you will keep him motivated to finish tasks.

It can be resolved with daily interaction and giving achievable and manageable goal to meet. After that continuous monitoring and watching

We do standing meetings daily for 15 mins in our company. Where everyone gives updates on last day's accomplishments and today's to-do. Standing meetings keep everyone on their toes and make people more energetic. Daily updates does help in managing timelines.

Continuous negotiations and feedback. They need your feedback to improve their performance.

I think communication is the key, so try to have a conservation with the team member and find out what's going on. Spend some time and let the team member know that you really care and wanted to help in case if there is any need.

A clear expectation of what needs to be accomplished in the allotted time and firm directive that the habit developed is not permitted in your team. We use concurrent verification and have very few incidents of 11th hour panics.
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