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What’s your approach to learning and sharing knowledge?
Whether you have an unorganized heap of knowledge or a knowledge hoarding problem, many organizations fall flat when it comes to knowledge management. When individuals struggle to access information they need to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities, your company’s bottom line suffers. So, what’s your approach to learning and sharing knowledge?
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Setting up a knowledge management practice within an organization is a significant undertaking. There is a mindset change required, and support from leadership - sound familiar?

Long-term employees (in terms of singular point of reference) and tacit knowledge do no favors in terms of the 'hit by a bus' syndrome. It may simply take conversations and advocates to spread the awareness and importance of codifying knowledge in some fashion that is accessible and available to those within the organization - that sounds familiar too!
Thank you Andrew
We do two things:
1. Keep improving the process, so that as much of the knowledge as possible resides within the process itself.
2. Develop the knowledge learning skill and knowledge sharing skill in people. These skills like all others require practice.
Keep innovation at the forefront.
Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions on this topic!
I think promoting a culture of knowledge sharing can help organization fulfill knowledge gaps, improve efficiency, increase innovation, encourage leadership, creativity and much more.
Leveraging online tools like Atlassian Confluence and Sharepoint Online enables you to create a knowledge base where everyone can have their own "shared" work-space to put documents and share information. This helps when a team member leaves the organization. This is especially helpful to 1st and 2nd Level Technical Support Consultants
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Mar 24, 2018 1:25 PM
Rich Hiles
That is a great point. My organization uses Atlassian Confluence, but with everyone having their own style and knowledge level reading through some of these pages can be challenging. I would like to see a bit more structure and review enforced to help improve the overall knowledge presentation and coverage. Maybe a formal knowledge management system (KMS).
My passion for project management led me to tutor Project Management in University. It is the most enjoyable thing you can do to share your knowledge. Creating interaction methods with students and exchanging knowledge and real examples from life and the application of theory to reality. I cannot wait for the next semester to start.
We keep the record of all good and bad projects on LAN and project managers have access to them especially lessons learnt. Than there are Tricks of Trade, Knowledge Corner, Latest Developments. Moreover seminars and Workshops are a great way of knowledge sharing.
All the lessons learnt / project templates / project methodologies shall be centrally located and be accessible to all project management professionals . PM quiz corner is extremely important and it will drive maximum results if the points obtained by an indiviusual is linked to their performance appraisal . This will not only motivate the employee earn more and more knowledge but will assist organization to strive to being best and competitive .
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