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Does anyone have an Agile Adoption Roadmap they can share?

Our information Technology department sees value in adopting an Agile approach to delivering on projects. We have limited experience with Agile practices and believe evolving towards it is an evolution not a revolution.

To that end, we looking for resources and insight into the all aspects of Agile including applicability (projects where is works best), how to ready the organization, key competencies required, how to get started, etc.

Our goal is to put together an "Agile Adoption Roadmap" that can be used to raise executive awareness and guide management decisions.
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Sorry to talk about my personal experience but it is to give some context to my comment. I worked with Agile from the "formal" genesis when I was part of the USA DoD NSF/Agility Forum (1990). Time after I was part of the group of authors of DSDM method. Today I am leading my seventh initiative to implement Agile. Here my recomendations: 1-understand what Agile really is. Is not a method, is not software/IT related, did not start with the Manifesto. You can search for the Agility Forum or Mr. Rick Dove´s work "Response Ability" which contains most of the Forum´s deliverables.If you want here a short article I have the possibility to write for PM Network : 2-using Agile is an strategical matter. So, it must be implemented to solve a business problem. Here a post that was published by the PMI and the IIBA; If you do not want to fail take into account a critical success factor: everything you introduce into the organization will impact the organization as a whole.

I recommend the Agile Practice Guide and Appendix X3 . I just started reading this, and it's an excellent reference guide. I recommend purchasing it from PMI.
1 reply by Randy HIltz
Oct 10, 2017 11:24 AM
Randy HIltz
Thank you Ed.

Randy -

Like most transformations, there is no "one size fits all" roadmap but rather a number of principles and good practices which could be incorporated into the transformation planning.

This includes things like:

1. Focus on changing mindset & behavior before jumping to practices & tools
2. Start small and build on early successes
3. Invest in qualified coaching & training
4. Don't neglect support and back-office functions


There was an excellent talk on exactly this topic given by Linda Lloyd at PMI Synergy 2015, which was available on video.

Some info here but I can't get the video to run

Perhaps you could reach out to her and ask

Just found a paywalled link to it too

I agree with Kiron. There is not a one size fits all. Seek out WHY the team wants to make a change to agile. Do an assessment of the organization for readiness, and create the adoption roadmap based on the assessment.

... and take small steps rather than big jumps. It will be easier to manage the organization change and incorporate into the company culture.

Sep 27, 2017 4:39 PM
Replying to Ed Tsyitee Jr
I recommend the Agile Practice Guide and Appendix X3 . I just started reading this, and it's an excellent reference guide. I recommend purchasing it from PMI.
Thank you Ed.

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