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Scope Creep & Gold plating Vs. Risk ?

From your Experience and P.O.V do you Consider Scope Creep & Gold plating a source of risk / risky issues .. if yes or no .. why ??
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Scope creep is a clear sign of an unmanaged scope process. In this context it is already a serious "disease" for the project that came alive and needs focused action.
Gold plating is a risk because you add extra functionality the customer is not asking for with the likelihood you do not get paid for the efforts.

Rand -

Both are a source of risk. Both increase risk of cost overruns, schedule delays or quality issues. Gold plating can also increase post-project operational costs and depending on what was unnecessarily added may impact customer satisfaction.


Dear Peter , Kiron ,
then by planning scope and developing WBS , Project scope statement ,
( consistent Scope baseline ) and keep controlling and monitoring the scope related issues i can mitigate these risks

Poor requirements, poor project management understanding, lack of organization's capability and project management maturity can lead to scope creep as well as gold plating due to lack of agreement on requirements and both are risks and will cause lot of issues during execution and as well as in ensuring that deliverables will meet the project needs.

Yes. Too often the gold plating (which is by the way not always explicitly intentional) causes negative impacts, either directly or indirectly, and either felt immediately or later.

Scope creep is a definite risk, with impacts felt across the board.

many thanks for all your informative contributions

Main issue with Scope creep is that the scope management is not controlled. Hence, most often, the risk of additional schedule/cost/resource utilised to achieve gold plating is discounted against anticipated customer appreciation.

Yes, both Scope Creep & Gold Plating are source of risk which can impact original cost and timeline.Scope Creep and Gold Plating involve additional features which were not included in original scope.

We can handle these by proper scope and change request management, otherwise these would impact the project budget, schedule and result in poor customer satisfaction.

Do you have a WBS, this will prevent the scoop creep, as you have the activity list defined.
Gold plating....highly not recommended as it is a very high risk that will affect the project.

Both are not source of risk. Both are source of failure. Both do not deserve to be into consideration beyond to avoid them.
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