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As most of the IT projects are moving towards Agile. Can we have hybrid Agile methodology where we can club best practices from traditional waterfall model and Agile?


I'm working on developing hybrid Agile Model where I'm thinking of having some phases of project in traditional waterfall model and other in Agile. What are your thoughts on hybrid Agile? yes or no and why?
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Lalit -

This is a common pattern in larger projects or in organizations going through an agile transformation. There is a higher degree of complexity involved in such projects, but it is often required when there isn't an easy way to deliver the full scope of a project using a single delivery approach.

Things like orchestrating release cadence, avoiding waste such as WIP/inventory, ensuring traceability and developing a common team culture and ground rules can be just a few of the challenges faced.


The new PMBOK6 guide assists with this topic, especially with the addition of the Agile companion book.

On the other side, if you search inside the SAP website you will have an example that people which implemented SAP have the opportunity to use (like me).

Sergio does point to a very good example: SAP Focus Build approach.

Yes, it can be done with a fair amount of success but it takes some extra effort to manage the transition and expectations between the two. How well it will work also depends on the areas where you are planning on implementing the different approaches. It is always easier when there is a clear demarcation i.e. Development is adaptive and delivery is predictive. You can then put a single strategy in place to allow you to bridge over.

I would advise against implementing different methodologies within the same phase as control will become very difficult.

All -Thanks for the great feedback.

@Kiron - Yes you are right, our organisation is going through Agile transformation and thats why I asked this question. Now below are some challenges which we're facing apart from deciding on methodology-

1) People mindset - They still think in terms of old method of delivering the project and finding it difficult to adapt this new Agile (Scrum Framework).

2) Client readiness - In some cases even client is not ready. As in Agile, it requires more commitment and collaboration from client end as well to have dedicated Product Owner and performing UAT and other stuff on time or to be more precise within sprint.

So, below is the approach which I'm following as a pilot in some projects.
1) Getting all the requirements (Product Backlog) at the beginning of the project.
2) Preparing overall high level solution design.
3) Getting it reviewed with Product Owner and other stakeholders.
4) Build activities in sprints.
5) Conducted interim demos (or sprint review with Product Owner) to get early feedback rather than waiting till end of development).
6) Conducted final end to end UAT (Hardening Sprint) after all the sprints are done.

Any thoughts/suggestions on the above pointers.

Once again thanks for your time and valuable inputs.

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