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Health Care Project Management Issues?

I participated in the a Health Care Industry Roundtable.

We identified issues such as lack of PM maturity in health care organizations, especially hospitals, and lack of health care PM support.

What do you see as issues relevant to a Health Care Project Manager?
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For me there there are :
silos-oriented management
interservices small wars for budgets

Stephane the Link need update!

hipaa compliance knowledge, vendor management support and guidance from PMO.

Stephane the link is broken

Stephane -

I consulted a few years in that domain and didn't find the maturity level to be at low in typical project areas like IT or construction.

The high regulatory nature of healthcare and the sometimes high level of inertia within clinicians are two factors I'd call out. Legacy systems and onerous procurement policies are a couple of others.


Regarding the link not showing an archive of the roundtable, the event wasn't recorded for posterity. It was a group discussion to get a better sense of how we are working with health care PM's. Apologies for any confusion!

HIPAA knowledge (legal understanding to technical controls necessary to meet technical obligations)

Healthcare has many challenges that make PM-ing a challenge... HIPAA is indeed one. The lack of interoperability with many system vendors is another major issue (inconsistent data) that thwarts success. The lack of strategic planning and the low maturity of executive sponsorship tend to make for a very volatile and impatient environment - so turn-over tends to be high.

I concur with Kiron on this.
The procurement process is burdensome, and the array of regulations that govern health care is really overwhelming.

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