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The power of the Tip

Hi. While I was trying to make up a sufficient reward system, I suddenly realized that the most common and successful way to reward someone's effort is our everyday tip. It is the tip that we give for the service we have gotten at the restaurant, the Goodmorning wish (tip) to the office doorman, the hug (tip) we give to our children for the good marks on the school semester. Do you believe that the tip as a reward, has been really valued as high as it should be?
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A pat on the back for a job well done is another example. I believe these are highly valued on a personal level. These gives the receiver the validation of his/her existence and value, at least for the day the tip was given or at most until something opposite is given. These lose value if always given though. Variety and creativity are key. Rewards on an organizational level are not bad too.

Motivation is not a static state, it is dynamic in its sense how you deal with your team members on a daily basis: The power of the tip is such a positive factor next to:
- treat you team members as human beings: "Hard on the process, easy to people"
- power of delegation and decision empowerment
- honesty and being authenic towards team members
- give team members a clear understanding about certain backgrounds and targets

Highlighting the team's or individual achievements is always a good thing. Though worth to note cultural differences in how this can be done.

Michail -

Recognition takes multiple forms and only some need to be tangible or financial.

Saying "good morning", asking how someone's day or previous weekend was, perceiving that they are stressed and asking if there's something you can do to help them out and saying "thank you" are all very low effort ways to show someone that you see them as an individual and not just a resource.


There are two things I try to do as much as possible:
1) Use people's first name.
2) Thank people.

Active listening, will give you information on you team and individual expectations.


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