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Did anyone facing the problem that in an organization everyone doing the right thing but the project failure?
When the finance follow their SOP correctly.
When the credit follow their SOP correctly.
And the project cannot start up and delay.

The contract or business case condition according to the market practise and condition.

What went wrong?
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You can do a right thing wrong and this can cause failure. About project failure and root causes one can write long stories. Your question is too broad to give a more precise answer.
Sim See -

As Peter indicates, there can be multiple causes for project failure beyond doing things "by the book".

Resource constraints, complexity, "black swans", market disruption and picking the "wrong" product are all examples of these...

Sorry, but if the project fail then somebody did not do the right thing. Take into account this: 1-which is the indicator that the project have failed? When you review the project objectives (usually the indicator or meassure) you will see that they were incorectly stated. I have discussed it from years inside the PMI and something changed about this topic inside the PMBOK (obviously I am not the unique). 2-what does means "doing the right thing"? Right is a subjective term that you have to translate into objective one. Who define it? 3-the funny component inside projects is that people determines the success or failure of the initiative. So, stakeholders are a "necessary evil".
A project can fail spectacularly if a single requirement isn't identified, though every stakeholder works hard and is excited about the project.
Sounds like people doing the wrong things really well...

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