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Sleep Your Way to Project Success

Have you ever gotten the feeling that the universe was trying to send you a message?

Yesterday afternoon, I read this article about the effects of sleep on overall, long-term health. It had been sitting in my reading list for awhile, but a recent bout of insomnia got me to actually pay some attention to it. Two more articles later, I was really getting that feeling that the universe was trying to send a message. The first “Why we Need to Stop Romancing the Grind“, pointed out the folly of wearing busy-ness as a badge of honour. The second, “15 Easy Ideas for Serious Self-Care“ was a well-needed reminder that self-care doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

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Thank you for this thoughtful article, Stacey. Sleep is definitely something we cannot defer or omit.

I have made lot of research on the field because other activities I have performed related to sports (tennis more specific). If you take a look you will see that 2017 Novel Price was gave to a work related circadian rhythm which is closely related to your statement. Remember: if you do not sleep you are not able to function as a human being. At least, in efficient way. I have written about that always related to tennis.

Thanks for sharing.

I definitely need more sleep!

So important! Thank you for sharing. Reminds me of putting your oxygen mask on yourself first before you can assist others!

Thanks Stacey, you're definitely right but even if theory is clear and easy to understand, I'm still getting stuck some nights with a "non-stopping working brain" which is finally exhausting.

This happens clearly less if combined with intense sporting activities - at least it works for me!
I'm trying to find 5 x 1 hour slots per week to exhaust my body and strenghts.
Swimming, and Running are activities that everybody can could at their own pace.

It's not easy to combine with family time as it another way to be away from home but then if your are more relax and happier, also your family is.

Yes, breathers are important to all projects. Even beyond good nights sleep, taking a break as you can will help you keep a clear head.

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