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How you define success in your career ?

How you define success in your career?
Please state three characteristics of your own success.
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I work to live, not live to, success for me is seen through the lens of how it impacts my personal life. It's important to me to have work-life balance. I have learned over the years, that I want to make an impact (whether internally to the company I work for, or to my clients' business) in order to be happy. Compensation comes into play in terms of affording a quality lifestyle for my family and not being stressed about that aspect of me life. If I can maintain those 3 things, I feel that I'm successful.

Specific to my career being successful...if I continue to be challenged and to learn, while contributing as part of a whole, I view myself as successful. I want to make those around me better and to be a strong asset to my clients. And finally, I want to enjoy what I'm doing (within reason...every job will have its days).

Success for me is:
1. Overcoming failures and rejections
2. Winning with integrity
3. Being happy, having a good night sleep and waking up with the energy and will to face the challenges of another day.

Michail -

1. Am I learning and growing
2. Do I feel that the work I'm doing fulfills my purpose/calling
3. Can I look at myself in the mirror without feeling I've "sold out"



Nice question & would like to share my thought.

1. Self learning
2. Mentoring the people
3. To be expert in one specific area

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