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How you define success in your career ?

How you define success in your career?
Please state three characteristics of your own success.
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I work to live, not live to, success for me is seen through the lens of how it impacts my personal life. It's important to me to have work-life balance. I have learned over the years, that I want to make an impact (whether internally to the company I work for, or to my clients' business) in order to be happy. Compensation comes into play in terms of affording a quality lifestyle for my family and not being stressed about that aspect of me life. If I can maintain those 3 things, I feel that I'm successful.

Specific to my career being successful...if I continue to be challenged and to learn, while contributing as part of a whole, I view myself as successful. I want to make those around me better and to be a strong asset to my clients. And finally, I want to enjoy what I'm doing (within reason...every job will have its days).

Success for me is:
1. Overcoming failures and rejections
2. Winning with integrity
3. Being happy, having a good night sleep and waking up with the energy and will to face the challenges of another day.

Michail -

1. Am I learning and growing
2. Do I feel that the work I'm doing fulfills my purpose/calling
3. Can I look at myself in the mirror without feeling I've "sold out"



Nice question & would like to share my thought.

1. Self learning
2. Mentoring the people
3. To be expert in one specific area

Great question Michail
My definition of success is what you are doing providing a great quality of life for your family, for those who work with you , and for your community
So always build your career around what you love and stay positive.

As explained in my webinar, Develop leadership - Deliver Leaders!, I measure my success by how well my stakeholders and I have improved as leaders.

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"Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule."

- Samuel Butler