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Agile your work
In our firm, we have always followed the typical waterfall framework for managing our projects(initiation then development then implementation...etc). What is the best way to adopt an Agile methodology and what is the best way for a project manager to learn and start practice such methodologies like Scrum for example?
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You can use Agile with waterfall project life cycle process. But if you want to introduce something in your organization you have to make an impact analysis first. Is what today you will find in the new PMBOK Guide as a reference to "Needs Analysis" because it is on the business analysis field. If you do not do that you will fail. Each thing you introduce into your organization will impact the whole organization so you need to evaluate the impacts. First of all, understand what Agile really is. After that, here comes a practical method I use and the organizations where I worked have adopted and was published by the PMI and the IIBA as "best practice"., Hope it helps:
As Sergio pointed out, before just "jumping" into Scrum make sure your organisation is ready for/ familiar with agile mindset, values and principles having each a history track. On the Agile Topics part on this website you can find also some guidance, for example:

Final remark: There is no one best way as the silver-bullet for your organization. You have to find it out step-by-step what fits best to the organizations culture and the project scenario in question.
Abdulrahman -

Agile is a mindset leading to behavioral change supported by practices & tools. One can follow a waterfall delivery methodology but apply agile principles within that.

Transforming one's organization to embrace agile is a complex change transformation in every sense of the term so the usual change management good practices should be used including:

1. Senior committed sponsorship combined with grass-roots support
2. Start small and progressively grow
3. Leverage qualified coaching support for both teams and leadership

It depends, Abdulrahman, whether you are looking at applying agile approaches to your project or your product. It's one thing to use Scrum to develop better and faster software. It's another thing to use agile to help your project management be more nimble.
Thank you all for your helpful responses. What we are seeking is to utilize an agile mindset in the development phases of our project.

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