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Organizational PM Buy in!

Has anyone had any success in getting your organizations to pay for and support your attendance to PMI conferences / symposiums? What would you suggest to get my organization on board to support my zeal in learning all I can in Project Management that will in the long run help my company. Any advice would be appreciated.
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You need to take a couple of approaches, Silverene.

  1. You need to show your company the value it will add for them. That means writing a mini-business case.

  2. You need to outline all the costs involved in attending the conference. Don't forget the cost of your time.

  3. You need to indicate your willingness to share the costs.

I've used this approach a few times with success. Enjoy the conference!

To add to Stéphane's excellent feedback:

1. This directly relates to the value placed on project management by the organization. If they see elevating PM capability as a critical success factor, they are likely to invest in it. If not, it will be an uphill battle.

2. To help with Stéphane's #1 suggestion, see if you can present at the conference - that might help to reduce your attendance costs AND might provide some good exposure/marketing for your company.

3. Know you organization's annual budgeting cycle and try to get your requests in as early as possible in the planning of a new fiscal year so you know there is budget available.

4. Make sure you reflect the conference attendance as addressing one or more objectives in your personal development plan - this assumes your company has a formal development cycle.


Let management know the competition sends their PM's to these conferences. Whilst there, try and spot a few out.

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