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A project plan for 1000 man days from discovery to go live
There are lot of approaches by different people on the same process. please consider IT service project. application implementation for sales (ecommerce).

please share your insights on the below points.

what is your approach for a project of 1000 a man days from discovery to go live?
What timelines, resources and budgets would you require
What do you expect to be the key risks, timelines and dependencies

I know that these questions has lots of dependencies but there should be some approach to start some thing.

Thanks a lot for your views on this. - Sateesh
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Yes, I agree, we need something to start, but at the same time, need right thing to start. Just by getting project timeline, budget and resources can't be estimated.

You need project goals, agreements, as the primary input. Nothing can be assumed using "business application implementation for sales (e-commerce)"
Sateesh, your questions is based purely on input (man-days, budget etc). What is more important to understand is the output question! What does the team is expected to deliver and related to that you need a basic understanding about the likely productivity of your team in order to get a better grip on it. Needless to say, that points mentioned by Seema also valid and not repeated in my answer.
You would need to identify project goals and objectives. Then, following the normal break down structure or work flow of any project, you can generate your scope, timeline, risks, etc. You need a good starting point before indulging into the remaining project processes.
I agree with you Seema and Peter. Hope the below detail can help to understand more about the client approach.

Here is the additional information
Project: eCommerce business models (Peer to Peer/B2C)
Project Objective: - Incorporating a combination of two e-commerce business models to create and develop a successful online business
Project Goals: Peer to Peer, B2B, B2C - models implementation
Time line: 6 months duration from discovery to go live
Resource plan should have all needed cross functional team: Developers, QA, UX/UI, BA/SA and PM

Constrains: Max. 1000 man days from discovery to go live, due to limited budget
Technology: not recommended, third party integration will be taken care separately

Client approached us with same details to come up with project plan last year for a project (early of 2016)
Sateesh -

If you are time & cost bound, then an agile delivery approach would be advisable assuming a minimal solution meeting client requirements can be delivered within those constraints.

You might wish to read Jeff Patton's book on Story Mapping to learn one approach to collaboratively working with your client to meet their needs efficiently...

I agree with Kiron. You already have a fixed budget. You want your scope to adjust as necessary within that constraint. Agile approaches allow you to focus on the scope priorities first.

Please note that the project will yield different amounts of value depending on how quickly you use up your bank of 1,000 person-days. As discussed in the Mythical Man-Month, you should consider keeping the team as small as possible, to avoid productivity losses due to overhead on larger teams.

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