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MS Project - Duration vs. % complete
The org. I work for is using MSProject now and is tracking costs, etc (they are non-profit). The previous Co. I came from used it, but did not use duration/work/actual work (they had a resource tool managers used). I am having a time trying to get the Estimated duration, actual duration and %Complete for tasks to work out. If I change the % complete, then the actual work chnages based on the work estimate. I have tried over and over to get this straightened out and no options are working for me. DOes anyone have any suggestions?
ex - Joe expects to work 8 hours on a task. He works 6 hours, but is only 50% complete due to issues after the initial estimate came in. MS Project will either accept the 50% and put 4 hours, or will accept the 6 hours and put 75% complete.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Julie. if you are still having difficulties maybe I can assist. Sorry I didn't look in this forum earlier to be of benefit to you. Let me know if you continue to have problems and I will attempt to assist. Ed

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