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Can't understand why slides from Webinars are not in pdf or PPT
Many webinars offer to "View Presentation Slides", it loads a Adobe system that can at time be interesting since it let you view the slides animation if any.

I just try to view slide from a webinar, loaded for about 10 minutes. I can see the slides while loading, then trying to navigate, all slides are empty.

Why not just a pdf or ppt to view?
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Try to download the files instead of viewing the online. Do you have this option ?
It let you download a "Slideshow.cfm" of 570 bytes, certainly not the 50 slides in the presentation.

Thanks for the suggestion
Big support for Vincent!
The current approach is "sub-optimal".
I do not see a download option,even?,we need them in the PDF or PPT format .
I believe it's another Intellectual Property concern...
Vincent - Thanks for bringing this up.

I would like a pdf copy of webinar slides for later access. If there is any concern for intellectual property rights, then that pdf file can be restricted just like PMBOK guide 6th Edition.
Is the only way to review the slides to replay the webinar and click "pause" to read them? The presenter I listened today was going really fast and I was hoping to get the presentation to read it afterwards.
Why do you need them? There is no reason while webinar is on line at the time you need it.
CFM files, used by Adobe, are web pages with Cold Fusion code. As Kiron alluded to, it offers more content control to the distributor.

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