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Documenting Project Notes

How do other Project Managers document all important project notes? It's difficult to determine the best way to keep all meeting minutes and emails complied in a way to make sense. I have used different methods such as Word, Excel and One Note and none are ideal.
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Keep it lean and structured: Related background topic, actions points, reponsibilities, agreed deadline. No long background stories. To make it transparent to the team and use it as a database where you can have all minutes on hand and also project specific selection criteria, I preter the usage of MS SharePoint Lists functionality.

We use Confluence and JIRA as our Project repository. You can check it out at:

If you like to use SharePoint:

Laney -

OneNote or Confluence are both great tools as they handle structured and unstructured content and promote collaboration.

However, there's a lot to be said for a pen & paper. A few studies have shown that we create better quality short term memories through handwriting vs. typing in information as we are forced to curate the content we are hearing.


Confluence, JIRA, SharePoint.

SharePoint being the most practical and often readily available with easy accesibility, shareability and searchability.

I find creating a project workbook folder on a file server a great tool. It allows you to store all kind of information. Most file servers also maintain file versions automatically, as well.

OneNote works for me.

One consideration is what the organization has set up. As an authoritative source, SharePoint is great for storing and sharing of notes and content. From simply a note taking perspective, OneNote is great. I also like a nice old fashion notebook. More personable to not always have the laptop barrier.

I have use Sharepoint on large project.

The quality and structure of what is put in make a huge difference!

Sharepoint is a good place.
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