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Looking for learning material / key concepts that I can use as a PM on a software development team

Hey guys,

I've been searching the web looking for more resources that I can use to increase my knowledge with software development. Currently i'm a Project Manger on a python software development team that is responsible for our companies web services and APIs. When we are doing sprint planning I have a rough time understanding some of the general concepts the developers are talking about while we break down tasks.

As of right now I am just writing down terms or tools that I hear them talk about so that I can research it afterwards to get a better understanding. They have been really helpful and I can always talk to them about it but sometimes it just becomes too technical.

Here are some examples of things that I have been researching.
- Dockerization
- Asynchronous programming
- RabbitMQ
- Django

I don't need to know the specific items mentioned above but maybe that will give you an idea of the general knowledge or field I am looking into. Are there websites, courses on, or books that are available that will help a Project Manager understand key terms without getting into the actual development practices?

I appreciate the help, thanks!
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Network:15067 seem to have a bunch of courses on every topic, from basic to advanced. Perhaps give that a try Casey.

Sante's suggestion is a good one. Udemy is great, and often has sales - classes for $10!

Also, see if your organization will reimburse for an account on Lynda - the whole team can use it!

Good Luck!

You can check LinkedIn learning (Formerly for short courses. There are few courses offered for AWS. I use for courses on Python and these are mostly free.

You can also learn from PMI webinars and sessions organized by different PMI chapters

Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.

Have you read PMI's Software Extension to the PMBOK?

Have you read the 'Python for Dummies' book? The Dummies series is pretty good for giving non-technical people a clue about technical matters.

Yes, even I also use You can try which is also good

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