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Ex Military officers as Entrepreneurs
Hello all, hope you are in good health and high spirits. Being a retired military officer at the age of 40, how can I start my own business or make a company after getting PMP and MBA (Operations Management). I don't want to get another job but I want to do something of my own. I had no technical knowledge/experience in military. However I have managed many security/ training/ construction projects. I have good understanding of HR, operations, team management etc. I need advice on areas which can be explored as an entrepreneur in Pakistan. I request you to guide me, thanks.
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In a general situation like yours, it depends on the opportunities you could unearth in your location. It could be education related wherein you could help or assist the younger generation to crack competitive exams, etc. I am just trying to begin the conversation as I am unaware of your strengths and about your interests. You say you have experience in Construction projects, you could begin by freelancing on the core areas and slowly scale your operations.
Coming from a military background you already have marketable skills that you probably are not aware of but that you can quickly apply to the being a entrepreneur. Before you jump into wanting to managing you own business I suggest you look at the legal requirement in setting up a company. Normally there is a nominal fee required to register a company name and associated documentation. Next look for something that you are interested in and something that you would do for free because this is probably what you be doing for quite a while until you generate a profit. Also look for a product or service that you believe you can do a better job than that currently exists using you skillset. Also the internet is a good place to research into where you would like to take you business and just go for it. Your learn a lot what ever the outcome.

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