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What is the biggest challenge a construction project manager faces in general and in the Middle East in particular and why?
A. Suitable and timely materials procurement?
B. Qualified and timely manpower Procurement?
C. Correct and timely engineering completion?
D. Constructability of the design?
E. Timely, swift decision making of the management?
F. Having enough power of decision making?
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A. Getting the required permits in time
B. Be aware of all cultures differences
C. Look at bigger picture & coordinate with all
D. Listen to all but analyze & do the best
E. Always get written approval
Sometimes it is due to multi-cultural environments as most companies who operate in the middle east are multi-cultural.
Mr. IG-
Good Question!
I believe the top 2 challenges are:
1) The current semi and unskilled workforce has no culture of Safety, and a lack of the technical skills that would prevent them from getting injured on the job. As PM's we have to Support and vigorously implement the proper safety requirements-PPE and other Safe practices to keep our workforce safe.
2) The second major issue is Procurement. We are lucky to have a team in place on every Project to manage this challenge-but it seems to require more PM Involvement lately.



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