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Earning PDUs to Maintain Your PMI Certification Status
These are excellent resources that tells you how to earn PDUs.

In addition, Udemy has discount courses for $20 or below quite often, grab them when you can.

Remember to always note the course number and the institution's number for reporting your PDUs to PMI. Always remember to keep an accurate log that include the dates so that when you are ready to submit your PDUs, you have all the information at your fingertip.
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Thanks for posting this. Great informational links!
Thank you, Bernard.
The Udemy courses are also not time bound. You can take them at your leisure.
Thank you for this information. I have also used Career Academy. If you are a member of the Project Manager Network on LinkedIn, you may see a number of offers for PDU's and you may receive a discounted offer from Career Academy. They have some pretty good courses and for one rate you receive access to a large # of courses.
Great link
Thanks for sharing useful links
Excellent, thanks Bernard

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