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Excel Forecast template

I am in need of a sophisticated excel template that can provide an analysis of forecast hours vs. actual hours worked. Ideally it would also have the 52 weeks itemized to show gaps or congestion in workload. Thanks.
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Did you check the Deliverable, Courtni? I remember seeing something a lot like what you are asking for.

I did but didn't find what I was needing. The template that was listed is resource hours and I really need something for forecast vs. actual. Thanks.

Check out Smartsheet, they have useful templates -

I would start with using a regression model. Start with the actuals as the observations and then the coefficients would be the 'trend'/Slope and a deviation from the average/Constant.

If you have additional prospective variables that you think 'drive' the trends, you can include these in a multivariate regression. (multiple regression)

If you would be able to provide a sample of the observations for the actuals, I could provide more precisely how this can be performed in Excel if the number of separate regression models is less than 3 or 4.

Hope this helps.

If you can draw up a simple draft I can try to create one if you don't find one online


Thanks Anupam for sharing smart sheet

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