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PMP Certification Exam Study Group

Hello everyone,

I'm currently studying to take the PMP exam in December and I was wondering if anyone would like to work with me in creating a study group. I'm open to any suggestions on how each session should be conducted but I'm leaning on trying to make this a 2x a week virtual session in which each person will take a turn teaching the rest of the group different knowledge areas. (1hr-2hrs per session).
Again, I'm open to any study format suggested so please don't be shy. Lets get certified and learn from one another!. :)
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Eddy -

That's the approach which was used in my last company. We had lead mentors like myself, who facilitated the review process, but the presentation of each knowledge area was done by one of the mentees. The format of each session was consistent - up to five slides covering the key concepts or important takeaways for the knowledge area and then a dozen or so questions which would be answered by the group as a whole.

In our case, the majority of our learners ended the program by taking a PMP prep course to solidify their knowledge of the content before writing the exam.


Check out .A complete set of Project Management Methodology and Templates in one software package is great for learning by doing. The package walks you step by step through a complete project lifecycle.

Eddy -

you may consider joining our
FREE! - PMP Exam Prep Guidance Program

We have almost 1400 participants already and the program works just like one big study group.
You can exchange with your fellow study partners and I am sure you will find some guys willing to fund such a study group you are looking for there, cause they are all more or less in the same situation like you.

Hope to see you there soon.



You may also want to reach out to your PMI chapter.

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